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“The Non Judicial Parent”
– What would you do, if you discovered “Kiddie Porn” on your 11 Year-old daughters computer?

– How would you react, when you realized that your child was “used” as “A Mule for Delivery” … Transporting the “Kiddie Porn” from Florida to California?

– Would you immediately contact the FBI?  They are the “Premiere” Law Enforcement Federal Agency best equipped to handle such a matter…. Or are they?

– What would you do when the FBI, tells you that “they cannot help you…                        Because you are a Man”

– What would you do?

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About Lawrence

I was born, raised and educated in the Southern California Sunshine. I lettered in Football and Volleyball. And while in High School, I was a Volunteer Fireman with CA STA. 7, In Sun City, CA. Before you ask, YEP!! I got to drive the BIG Fire trucks to the Fires! After Graduating High school, I entered the US Air Force and became a Security Policeman. Earning several Awards, Ribbons and Medals for my time in service, to include my service during Operation Desert Storm. After leaving the Air Force, I became a Police Officer with the City of Indio, in California. Shortly after my return Stateside, form Desert Storm. In 2001 I started working in the Entertainment Industry as a “Teamster.” Once again, driving the BIG trucks. Since that time I have been a Background Actor, (“EYES” which aired after “Alias” for a short time, and Disney’s “Zeke and Luther”). I am an Activist, an Advocate, an Author (The Non Judicial Parent” which is available on lastly, I am a Publisher. And, I haven’t stopped yet.

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