Mourning for Your Mounting Medical Bills.

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At some point in your life, you may find that you’re buried under a mounting scale of Medical bills. And because of this you cannot sleep due to the amount of worry and burden you now carry with you every day. While you search for a way out from this, the stress of the situation is actually worsening then your previous need for Surgery. And because of this stress, you will not heal correctly or it may take you longer to heal. And your health will be forever impacted.

OR – It could be Identity theft, Divorce, Elder Care, anything that is unplanned for, unpredicted and unexpected in your lifetime. It could be for any reason, or many reasons.

But soon, very soon, you find yourself wrestling with the inevitable. You need to file bankruptcy. But you’ve heard several years ago, that the banking industry had lobbied both the US Senate and the US Congress. Who then passed resolutions and made laws, in which the act of filing Bankruptcy is now seemingly impossible.

Not so. While it is true, that some items cannot be removed from your debt. The interest on those items can be made significantly less, so the bill will be more manageable.

The problem is still the Mental and Emotional baggage associated with the need for filing Bankruptcy. And it has been made so by the image portrayals brought to you by the Banking Industry and the Lending Industry.

The first time you’re faced with Bankruptcy, you’ll want to believe you’re an utter failure. That you are somehow less of a person because of the situation you may find yourself in. That you are some how anyone of these descriptors that will be thrown at you by creditors and attorneys alike.  That you are: rash, careless, thoughtless, delinquent, negligent, unreliable, undependable, and untrustworthy.

This is quite simply Not True. Because of image portrayals you’ll believe, that you are responsible for any and all of your debt. This Half-Truth is a dangerous, and very slippery slope. While in one sense: Yes, you are responsible for your debt. Working hard day in and day out, heightens your chance for injury. In this case, it’s simply the law of averages being played out.

The second time you are faced with the conclusion that bankruptcy might be your only option. Well, you are more versed in the process and much less intimidated by it.

The third time you are faced with the prospect of filing bankruptcy…  Well, you’re about on equal footing with a vast number of professionals in the Medical Industry. Yep, you are right on par with Medical Doctors, General Surgeons, Dentists and Orthodontists.

We live in a time, where we are living paycheck to paycheck. And those paychecks are not much, and what’s more terrifying is they are about to get smaller. Thanks to the same US Senate and US Congress.

Don’t fear bankruptcy, don’t run from it, and in the same breath don’t hide from it. Rather, use it and think of it as a last resort. A final solution to easy your worried mind. And no matter what you think or feel about yourself at this time, put it aside. Know that you are not alone. Many famous people have found it necessary to file for bankruptcy. To protect not only themselves, but their well-being too. And they did just fine.

Jim Dooley (1930-2008), Lenny Dysktra (1963- ), Archie Griffin (1954- ), Dorothy Hamill (1956- ), Marion Jones (1975- ) , Sheryl Swoopes (1971- ), Lawrence Taylor (1959- ), Mike Tyson (1965- ), Johnny Unitas (1933-2002)

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919),
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens) (1835-1910)

Phineas Taylor Barnum (P.T. Barnum) (1810-1891), Henry Ford (1863-1947), Henry John Heinz (1844-1919), Milton Snavely Hershey (1857-1945), Walt Disney (1901-1966) and yes even – Donald Trump (1946- ),

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), John B. Connally, Jr. (1917-1993), Ulysses S. Grant (1822- 1885), George McGovern (1922- ), William McKinley (1843-1901)

Kim Basinger (1953- ), Toni Braxton (1967- ), Gary Busey (1944- ), Natalie Cole (1950- ), Gary Coleman (1968 – 2010), David Crosby (1941- ), Sarah Ferguson (1959- ),  Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917- ), Marvin Gaye (1939-1984), Larry King (1933- ), Cyndi Lauper (1953- ), Jerry Lee Lewis (1935- ), MC Hammer (Stanley Burrell) (1962- ), Meat Loaf (1947 – ), Ed McMahon (1923-2009), Willie Nelson (1933- ), Tom Petty (1950 – ), Burt Reynolds (1936- ), Mickey Rooney (1920- ), Anna Nicole Smith (1967-2007)

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