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The Precedent


It began in 1607. It was spawned from a time when English Common Law was to beheld above the law of the Catholic Church. Because allegiances to either the Crown and to the Church, changed from day to day. One case brought about the edict, the basis for the perception that was to become the rule. “A Judge, Ought not Judge, another Judge”.

It merely eluded to the idea that once the King of England’s appointed Judge or Judges made a decision, it was not to be revisited, reinterpreted or re-imagined. What followed however; was the most widespread abuse of power and usurpation’s known to man at the time.  That legal decision from the 1607 case of Floyd vBarker, 12 Coke 23, 77 Eng. Rep. 1305 (1608), and as rendered by Justice Coke, is the basis for this perverted perception. A perception that is “Judicial Immunity”.  laying the foundation to the claim that a Judge can do no wrong. And that a Judge is the most “Honorable” among Men.

That perception has opened pandoras box to more crime, fraud, deceit, treachery, abuses of power and of authority then anyone deemed possible to this day. A thoroughly corrupted and commercialized Judiciary, and it’s accompanying  legal system, for those few who can afford it.  It’s a fire-sale, the likes of which have not been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire.

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