Cleaning the Bathroom.

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It’s time to clean the bathroom. I’ve got my Rubber “Dish Washing Gloves” on. I’ve got some kind of “Scrubbing Wand’ in my one hand. And some Liquid Bleach cleaner that is supposed to cling to the toilet, in the other.

I look at the floor, and I smile to myself, as I envision it all clean, sparkly and Germ free. I look at the mirror, and I see it as pristine as that day it was first mounted upon the wall. And then my gleaming eyes fall towards the commode, and that’s when it hits me.

SCREW THIS !!!  Toilet seats are only $14.00 bucks at the Hardware Store !

And if I really want to be “Continental,” I can get a two way water valve, to feed the toilet bowl. Attach the toilet, to one feed. Attach a small Garden Hose and a Spray Nozzle, to the other. And I can have one of those french bou-day thingies !!

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