A NEW DIGITAL Book Available at AMAZON and iTUNES !!!

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A new DIGITAL Book, is available on Amazon and iTunes !!

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It’s not a big stretch of the imagination, to say that Divorce is very stressful.
There are attorney fees, filing fees, bills to separate. Who keeps what, and who came into the relationship with what? What hold sentimental value with you, what hold an equal value with your soon to be ex.

The varying levels of stress you will or may encounter can be devastating, and shape your outlook on life and relationships forever. Holding stress and not allowing yourself a way of release can harm you. It can hurt you mentally, physically and it can even kill you.

With this DIGITAL book, you will learn how to protect yourself from stress. These are the little things that you can do, to prepare yourself for that drama, the stresses and the intense feelings of discomfort while in the Family Law Courtroom.

And when dealing in measures of stress, what starts off a something so small, and so minor; can and will if left unchecked kill you. If not effectively understood, identified and released, stress can multiply exponentially into a heart stopper. You should have the basics when it relates to stress and you. Know what will trigger stress, but more importantly how to take steps to avoid it. And while that just might be great for your ex, it would not be so good for you, your children, your friends and family.

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I was born, raised and educated in the Southern California Sunshine. I lettered in Football and Volleyball. And while in High School, I was a Volunteer Fireman with CA STA. 7, In Sun City, CA. Before you ask, YEP!! I got to drive the BIG Fire trucks to the Fires! After Graduating High school, I entered the US Air Force and became a Security Policeman. Earning several Awards, Ribbons and Medals for my time in service, to include my service during Operation Desert Storm. After leaving the Air Force, I became a Police Officer with the City of Indio, in California. Shortly after my return Stateside, form Desert Storm. In 2001 I started working in the Entertainment Industry as a “Teamster.” Once again, driving the BIG trucks. Since that time I have been a Background Actor, (“EYES” which aired after “Alias” for a short time, and Disney’s “Zeke and Luther”). I am an Activist, an Advocate, an Author (The Non Judicial Parent” which is available on Amazon.com) lastly, I am a Publisher. And, I haven’t stopped yet.

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